Jacob & Co Bridal Collection

Hi Everyone,
Its been a while since the last post on Engagement Rings; check it here.
Today I would like to share Jacob & Co bridal collection including some of the rarest fancy colored Diamonds in Yellow, Pink and Grayish Blue which you definitely can accept as an engagement ring, NO DOUBT!
I hope you fall for them as much as I do!
Here are the designs.
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Jacob & Co Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond Solitaire Ring 
20.18 Ct VS1 Emerald Cut Diamond, Surrounded by 2.72 Ct G
VS1 Trapezoid Diamonds (2 Side Stones), Mounted in Platinum.
Jacob & Co 12.20 Ct. Natural Fancy Yellow Green VS2 Rectangular Modified Brilliant Cut Diamond Surrounded By 1.18 Ct. Fancy Pink Diamonds & 1.07 Ct. White Diamonds In A Pave’ Set In 18K White Gold.
Jacob & Co  18.45 Ct Fancy Brownish Pink Radiant Cut Diamond (Center Stone) Framed by 0.91 Ct Pave’ Set White Diamonds Mounted in Platinum, Highlighted with 0.045 Ct Pink Diamonds Mounted in 18K Rose Gold.
Jacob & Co 28.03 Ct. fancy Purple Pink VS2 Radiant Cut Diamond
Surrounded By 2.18 Ct. Pave’ Set White Diamonds Mounted In Platinum.
Jacob & Co Emerald-Cut Diamond Solitaire 

5.10 Ct, F Color, VS2 Emerald-Cut Diamond, Flanked by Two
Trapezoid Cut Diamonds, Mounted in Platinum.
Jacob & Co Cushion-Cut Diamond Solitaire

5.02 Ct, G Color, VS2 Cushion-Cut Diamond, Flanked by
0.83 Ct Trillion Cut Diamonds (2 Stones), Mounted in Platinum.
Jacob & Co Emerald-Cut Diamond Solitaire

5.15 Ct, F Color, VS2 Emerald-Cut Diamond, Highlighted
with 1.28 Ct Pave’ Set Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds Mounted in Platinum.
Jacob & Co Round Diamond Solitaire

7.01 Ct, H Color, VVS2 Round Brilliant Cut Diamond,
Highlighted with 0.75 Ct Pave’ Set Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds Mounted in
Jacob & Co Cushion-Cut Diamond Solitaire

1.17 Ct, F Color, SI2 Cushion-Cut Diamond, Flanked by
1.17 Ct Cushion-Cut Diamonds (2 Side Stones), Mounted in Platinum.
Jacob & Co Three-stone square emerald-cut 

Square emerald cut center stone adjoined by matching
trapazoid cut diamond shoulders totaling over 6 carats set in platinum.
Jacob & Co  30.11Ct Natural Fancy Blue Gray VVS2 Cushion Cut Diamond (Center Stone) Surrounded By Pave’ Set 3.48 Ct Pink Diamonds Mounted In 18K Rose Gold And White Diamonds On Gallery And Shank Mounted In Platinum.
Jacob & Co Edwardian Emerald-Cut Diamond Solitaire

3.07 Ct, D Color, VS2 Emerald-Cut Diamond, Highlighted
with Pave’ Set 1.50 Ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds Mounted in Platinum.
Jacob & Co Art Deco Inspired Rose-Cut Diamond Dome Ring From The
Vintage Collection, Featuring: 6.12 Ct Rose-Cut Diamond, Highlighted with 8.63
Ct Pear & Round Diamonds Set In 18K Yellow Gold.
Jacob & Co 27.04 Ct, J
Color, VS2 Round Brilliant Cut Diamond, Framed by 2.03 Ct Pave’ Set White
Diamonds, Mounted in Platinum
Jacob & Co Solitaire Ring 66.05 Ct. Fancy Intense Yellow, VS1, Modified
Cut-Cornered Rectangular Mixed Cut Diamond, Mounted In 18k Yellow Gold.
Jacob & Co  One Of The World’s Rarest Diamonds, An Exquisite 10.09Ct. Internally Flawless, Natural Fancy Intense Pink Diamond, Mounted In 18k Rose Gold & Highlighted With a Pave’ Set White Diamonds On A Platinum Shank.
Jacob & Co Cushion-Cut Diamond Solitaire

2.24 Ct Natural Fancy Yellow Cushion-Cut Diamond, Flanked
by 0.35 Ct Trapezoid Cut Diamonds (2 Side Stones) Mounted in 18K Yellow Gold
& Platinum

Jacob & Co Three Stone Solitaire
15.61 Ct. Fancy Vivid Yellow, VVS1 Radiant Cut Diamond
Mounted In 18K Yellow Gold, Flanked By 2.55 Ct. Half Moon Diamonds (Two
Stones), Mounted In Platinum.
Jacob & Co Diamond Solitaire 

30.04 Ct. Fancy Yellow VS2 Radiant Cut Diamond, Highlighted
with 0.24 Ct. Pave’ Set Fancy Yellow Diamonds Mounted In 18K Yellow Gold.
Flanked By 2.47 Ct. Trapezoid Cut Diamonds (Two Side Stones), Highlighted With
0.81 Ct. Pave’ Set Round Cut Diamonds On Shank, All Mounted In Platinum.
Jacob & Co The Blue Nile

12.38 Ct. Fancy Blue, Internally Flawless, Radiant Cut
Diamond, Flanked By Two GIA Certified 1.21-1.11 Ct. Fancy Purple Pink VS2-SI1
Emerald Cut Diamonds (2 Side Stones), Framed By 0.705 Ct. Micro-Pave’ Set Pink
Diamonds Mounted in 18K Rose Gold. Highlighted with 0.72 Ct. Bezel Set Round
Cut Diamonds (4 Stones) And 1.22 Ct Pave’ Set White Diamonds, Mounted In
Platinum Split Shank.

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    Aileen Murphy

    The diamond rings displayed above are literally beautiful and amazing I would say. Diamonds have always been the beautiful pieces of jewelry and every woman loves to have at least one diamond jewelry piece in her wardrobe. I also love diamonds or you can say I am crazy for diamonds. I always wear a multi-colored diamond ring in my finger. It looks elegant and dazzle up my looks that I can’t get with any other stone.

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    Josephine ankrah

    I would like to know the prices of the bridal and engagement ring for myself and my partner. I love your rings and I will like to know the prices. Thanks

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