The wonderful world of Opals!

Australia being my adopted country by choice,  I have a fascination for Opals which are the national gemstone of Australia.

Opals are one of the most sought after gemstones among the connoisseurs due to the fact that they exhibit play of colours and bring out a special fire that is totally different from any other gemstones. 

Opals can be found beside Australia in Ethiopia, Mexico, Brazil, USA and Peru.

Opals come in few varities in terms of optical density from opaque to semi-transparent and transparent.

The semi-transparent Opals are mainly find in Peru, the Fire Opal which is a transparent and translucent opal and colours vary from yellow to orange are from Mexico.

Opals are mainly cut into cabochon to produce the solid Opal which has the most play of colour. The Red against the Black Opals are the most sought after and rarest of Opal kinds, given the White against Green is the most common. 

Here are few of my favourite Opals that I just shared recently on my social media platforms.

Enjoy and stay tuned for more articles on Opals.




Millennium is a 25ct Harlequin Opal. Harlequin Opals exhibit double virtues of large angular block of colour and dominant red hue which is the rarest hue in Opal. Photo Courtesty of

Andamooka Opal also known as Queen Opal, is a 203ct Opal that exhibits array of reds, blues and greens. It was presented to Queen Elizabeth II during her first official state visit to Australia – Origin Andamooka, SA Australia

The Flame Queen Opal – The finest example of Opal which exhibits both fiery Red and dynamic Bronze depending on the lighting and angle of view. It’s spectacular cut allows for variety of colour combinations in different surroundings and makes it the most sought after Opal of its kind weighing 263.18cts. Photo credit:


10ct Black Opal – Video Courtesy of John Bannayan of Burke & Bannayan Jewelers


Multicoloured Soli Black Opal Cabochon from Lightning Ridge, NSW Australia – Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia

Welo Opal from Ethiopia – Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia

Pair of Earrings set with Opals and Diamonds by Oscar Heyman – Photo Courtesy of JCKevents Instagram

An array of rainbow ! Stack of Opals from Nixin Jewelry




Bebe - ChampagneGem

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