On May 17th when entering Beau Rivage hotel on Lake Geneva, Unique Pink posters were everywhere inviting you to see one of the most fascinating fancy vivid pink diamonds ever offered in auction. With only few hours left of its last viewings before going under the hammer at Sotheby’s evening session of Magnificent Jewels and Noble Jewels auction.

Walking through the lobby, I had the pleasure of meeting the man behind some of the most amazing diamonds in the world, Mr Ehud Arye Laniado. With his permission, I sat down for a brief interview in between his busy schedule, and he was kind enough to answer all of my questions.


Ehud Arye Laniado Principle at Mercury Diamond & Chair to CORA International

Mr Laniado, it is an honor to meet you in person. In recent years you have presented the world with some of the most exquisite diamonds, could you tell us more about the famous Sun-Drop, Blue Moon and now the Unique Pink?

Cora one of the companies I chair purchased all three diamonds in rough and planned them for maximum polished yield. After meticulous planning, the process of cut and polish started to create exceptionally rare fancy vivid color diamonds. They are considered the largest of their shape and color that ever offered in auction and tonight we will see what price the Unique Pink is going to fetch. It is not everyday that opportunities like this rise to own and see such rare diamonds.

Based on your expertise, what is your forecast of the fancy color diamond pricing in the coming years?

Fancy color diamonds are showing a strong growth since individuals are realizing the rarity and re-sell value they carry. I believe by 2020 we will have a huge price increase on fancy pink color diamonds as one of the main suppliers of pink diamonds is about to close and already they are in high demand. Based on Fancy Color Association, since they started their price index, the price of pink diamonds have risen by 350%.


As one of your devoted followers on social media specially Instagram, you are creating a dialogue on rarity of diamonds and the re-sell value they should carry, why such an important topic was neglected within the industry?

Unfortunately diamond industry is very traditional and is not doing due diligent work of educating public on rarity of diamonds. My vision is to educate public as much as possible about diamonds, their rarity and change the current perception that diamonds are only to be used as a component in jewelry. Diamonds if purchased in a right place, at right price while considering the transactional price that they are traded for (Including irregularities discount or premium) on the value chain, would makes them an investment in an asset that carries a re-sell value and can be used as wealth preservation tool. As I constantly mention, do not make a mistake, even 1 carat D Flawless diamond is a rare diamond. Unlike public perception, the supply of diamonds is not indefinite, there are only 30 mines in the world which produce diamonds and only 20% of the total production ends up as polished diamonds.

You have developed a diamond price list based on 4cs and irregularities, could you please explain the difference between your price list and the ones that are based on asking prices benchmark?

Mercury Diamond Price List is an accurate listing based on real transactional prices and deep market research published on a monthly basis by my team and I at Mercury Diamond. We not only consider 4Cs but have developed a table of more than 400 irregularities with discounts and premiums that would give the buyer the exact price he should be paying for a diamond with such characteristics and can track its price movement at any time. Current price lists are only based on asking prices and traditional 4Cs without considering irregularities. Irregularities can affect the price of 2 diamonds that have the same 4Cs grading massively. Currently if you are buying a diamond, the paid price is based on asking prices benchmark and 4Cs but when selling it, traders know to take irregularities into consideration therefore the result is a large disparity between buying and selling price and diamonds lose the promised re-sell value for an item of rarity.

As an industry leader, what is your recommendation to diamond industry to flourish and go back to its days of glory?

Our industry need to understand that to flourish we need to have a unified transparent pricing system in place to gain back buyers’ confidence. Diamonds like art pieces should carry re-sell value and be considered more than a beautiful ornament but an asset that offers economy of rarity to be passed on to the next generation and preserving wealth.

Thank you very much for your time and looking forward to see another world record with the auction of the Unique Pink tonight.

You can follow EHUDARYELANIADO on Instagram and read about diamonds and their rarity and his website for more detailed views and opinions on diamond price transparency and diamond price list.

Update: Unique Pink fetched the total of USD$31.5million on Sotheby’s auction, breaking the record of the most expensive fancy vivid pink diamond ever offered in an auction

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