Highlights from visit to Geneva – May 2016

Last month I was in Geneva to attend Sotheby’s May 17th auction with the featured piece to be The Unique Pink, while in Geneva I managed to visit Christie’s and have a private viewing of some of the most spectacular pieces that were about to go on auction on May 18th and later May 29th and June 5th in Hong Kong and New York respectively.

The major hype at Christie’s was around the Oppenheimer Blue diamond, a rarity of its kind being the largest fancy vivid blue diamond that ever appeared in an auction, part of such rarity was Type IIb characteristic that Oppenheimer Blue is exhibiting. The Cullinan Dream and The Aurora Green were also presented as part of upcoming auctions. In total, Geneva was filled with rarest type of diamonds in that week of May.

In between auctions, I also had the opportunity to meet with The Man Behind The Most Amazing Diamonds In The World, Mr Ehud Arye Laniado and succeed to sit down with him for couple of minutes and ask few questions, you can read my interview here and learn more  about his vision by visiting his website and following him on Instagram.

The highlight of my visit to Geneva was a private session with Lucara Diamond Corp and the opportunity to hold the largest gem quality rough that has discovered in the past century and existing today in the world, the Lesedi La Rona 1,109ct rough diamond that was discovered by Lucara Diamond Corp in Botswana. You can read more about this magnificent and breathtaking diamond here.

Now I invite you to come on a journey of lifetime and view the most breathtaking diamonds and my favourite pieces from Geneva  through my lens.

You can find more of Geneva highlights by searching #ChampagneGemGoesToGeneva on social media platforms.

Stay tuned for more highlights of my recent trips.




Offered by Ehud Arye Laniado of Cora International The Unique Pink is a 15.38ct pear shaped fancy vivid pink diamond Type IIA sold at Sotheby’s on May 17th 2016 for record breaking price of $31.5 million being the most expensive fancy vivid pink diamond ever sold at auction.


7.32ct pear shaped fancy vivid blue diamond internally flawless sold at Sotheby’s May 17th auction for $16.8million in Geneva.


1,109ct rough diamond, the largest gem quality rough diamond discovered in the past century and the largest existing in the world today, discovered by Lucara Diamond and will go on auction at Sotheby’s standalone sale on June 29th.


The Oppenheimer Blue Diamond is a 14.62ct Emerald Cut Fancy Vivid Blue Diamond set in a ring by Verdura, with original Eigh Blade mounting and sold at Christie’s on May 18th 2016 for record breaking price of $58 million, being the largest and most expensive fancy vivid blue diamond ever sold at auction.


The Cullinan Dream is a 24.18ct Fancy Intense Blue Type IIb Radiant Cut Diamond that was sold at Christie’s June 9th 2016 for record breaking price of $25.3million being the most expensive fancy intense blue diamond at auction.


The Aurora Green is a 5.03ct Radiant Cut Fancy Vivid Green Diamond that was sold at Christie’s on May 30th 2016 for $16.8million and becoming the most expensive green diamond ever auctioned.


A 36.09ct rectangular cut diamond D Internally Flawless set in a ring by Cartier, part of H.S.H Gabriela Princess Zu Leiningen that was sold at Christies May 18th auction in Geneva for $4.4 million


A 25.94ct pear shaped diamond set by Van Cleef & Arpels back in 1967, the diamond is D Internally Flawless and sold at Christie’s May 18th auction in Geneva for $3million.








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    I am very glad to see such amazing diamonds and I hope one day to meet with this very special people

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    Hi ,I am looking for 10ct+ round shape fancy yellow, if you have so please send me details

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