Why Champagne Gem?

Hi Everyone
My name is Bebe I am currently living in Melbourne, Australia 
and I am originally from Iran.
I just turned 28 on Saturday and as a -new year in my life-
resolution I  decided to start blogging about my main passion,
Jewelry and High End Pieces!
I have passed GIA (Gemological Institute of America) online
courses regarding Jewelry, Diamonds and Colored Stones.
As far as I can remember since I grew up a little bit I was always
concerned about Diamonds and loved to accompany my mom
whenever she wanted to “shop” any type of jewelry.
As they say, Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and I  am sure 
that at least nothing can make me happy as much as a top notch
diamond piece 😉
I was trying to find a suitable name for my blog and I got the 
champagne gem for 2 reasons:
First I love the Champagne Colored Diamonds
Second Champagne for me is always the wonderful taste of
luxury and glam and diamonds are the best ensemble to that!
Just to give you an idea of how I see the world I am living in, 
I am going to share a perspective which ofcourse is not related 
to jewelry but it is indeed pure luxury in my eyes!
From now on I am going to post pictures and information on the
pieces I love the most and give information as much as possible.
Anyhow, welcome to my world of gemstones and jewelry!
The Luxury View I Fancied All My Life!

Bebe Bakhshi

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