Welcome to Your Daily Dose of sparkle!

My name is Bebe and I am a Persian born, Melbourne based jewellery blogger and diamond enthusiast with passion for high-end jewels and diamonds. Being Persian I was exposed to high-end jewels and sparkly diamonds and gemstones since my childhood and I believe that is how my obsession and passion started! I was a full time employee of our family business for more than 10 years and in between of trying to manage a work life balanced lifestyle, I enrolled for GIA Accredited Jewelry Professional AJP program to gain general knowledge about diamonds and precious gemstones as a hobby.  In 2010 along with my partner we made a decision to move to Australia and pursue a lifestyle different from what we were accustomed to and follow our dreams. While settling in Melbourne, I decided to establish a blog and write about my views and opinion on different jewellery and watch brands, diamonds and gemstones to share with my followers from across the globe.

The name Champagne Gem is driven from Argyle Mine in Western Australia that produces rare coloured diamonds such as Pink, Yellow and Champagne as well as white diamonds.

Now Champagne Gem is the brand that I represent and still after 11 years love it as much as before.

At the moment my Instagram account is the main platform that connects me with my followers, so follow CHAMPAGNEGEM on Instagram to get your daily dose of sparkle!

Feel free to contact me for any additional information, inquiries or feedback.

Bebe B

Melbourne, Australia