All the roads just end to ROLEX!

Hi watcheristas! is it too much???? anyhow let me know…;-)
Going back to Rolex, there are few Rolex watches that I adore and 
I think at least one of them should be in any girls/women collection 
of watches…they are timeless elegance and never get off the
fashion hook….always on top!
p.s. prices are just estimation, for more detailed pricing 
and perhaps some discounts please visit your local Rolex dealer!

LADY-DATEJUST 26mm steel & Eeverose Gold 
(Dial: Meteorite set with diamonds) $ 9,525.00
DATEJUST 31 mm steel & Everose Gold 
(Dial: Pink floral motif) $ 8,200.00
Everose gold & diamonds 
(Dial:Chocolate with gem-set “VI”) 
$ 26,600.00
Everose gold & diamonds (Dial:Pink) $ 26,600.00
DATEJUST 36 mm steel & Everose gold 
(Dial: Pink Jubilee design set with diamonds) $ 9,550.00
DATEJUST 31 mm Everose gold 
(Dial: Black concentric design) $ 25,050.00
DATEJUST 31 mm White gold 
(Dial: Rhodium) $ 25,050.00
DATEJUST 31 mm steel & Everose gold 
(Dial: Chocolate with gem-set “VI”) $ 10,475.00
YACHT-MASTER 35 mm steel & Yellow gold 
(Dial: steel) $ 9,800.00
LADY-DATEJUST 26 mm white gold 
(Dial: Blue set with diamonds) $ 24,400.00
LADY-DATEJUST 26 mm Everose gold 
(Dial: White mother-of-pearl) $ 24,000.00

Bebe - ChampagneGem

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    Ghazal Sayah

    I have the first one. I honestly couldn't ask for anything better (well I mean I also like the last one but I could only afford 10 grand!)

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    Bebe Bakhshi

    enjoy it 🙂 good choice…the rest are too much for our age, maybe in 40s… 😀

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