Tiffany & Co. Engagement Ring Collection

Good Morning Jewelristas
Today Melbourne is cloudy but I am gonna cheer you all up with 
some gorgeous engagement rings from
When I was much younger, the meaning of propose and engagement 
were all in a very cute little Tiffany Blue box. Ofcourse we all know 
diamonds wont guarantee happiness but we all know again that diamonds 
are a girl’s best friends at the same time…anyhow, I am sure everyone at 
least once in her life wanted a Tiffany blue box…here are some suggestions 
of what to be inside the box 😉
 p.s. all the prices are in Australian Dollar, and you can download 
the Tiffany engagement ring app on your iphone here
The Tiffany Setting the word’s favorite engagement ring 
(the ring of rings) 1 carat from AU$ 12,400
The Tiffany Setting 2.1 carat with shared-setting band ring 
(2.1 carat from AU$ 40,800 & band ring AU$ 13,000)

Lucida with Diamond Band 
(open curved diamond band delicately 
accentuates a Lucida solitaire) 
1 carat from AU$ 14,500
Lucida with Diamond Band
Lucida with Diamond Band 2 carat Tiffany Novo Band Ring
(2carat from AU$ 43,200 & band ring AU$ 4,150)
Tiffany Novo cushion cut 1 carat from AU$ 15,500
Tiffany Soleste a cushion diamond encircled with double
 row of bead-set diamonds 1.5 carat from AU$ 31,100
Tiffany Embrace ead-set diamonds exquisitely accentuate a
 round brilliant center stone 1carat from AU$ 15,000
Tiffany Legacy cushion-cut Tiffany diamond surrounded by 
bead-set diamonds 1 carat from AU$ 16,900 
(my favorite without any band rings to match with but 
there are several options to do so)
Square Step Cut 1 carat from AU$ 12,300 
(could be matched with several band rings)
Round Brilliant with Pear-shaped Side Stones 1 carat from 
AU$ 15,500
Tiffany Legacy With Graduated Side Stones
Emerald Cut Three Stone
Round Brilliant Ribbon Ring 1 carat from 
AU$ 13,200
Jean Schlumberger Engagement Ring a round 
brilliant diamond center stone wrapped in 
pavé diamonds 1 carat from AU$ 32,400
Lucida With Trilliant Side Stones Tiffany’s 
rectangular Lucida diamond is enhanced by 
triangular side stones 1 carat from AU$ 15,000
Oval Shape Three Stone
Three Stone With Sapphire Side Stones

Bebe Bakhshi

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    Aahhh, these rings are absolutely stunning! I would love to have one. But I'm more of a vintage person, so I'd rather if my future husband got me like a really old, antique, beautiful and valuable, rich with history ring. Dreaamsss :))


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    Bebe Bakhshi

    cool shelly! why not….stay tuned for more posts on engagement rings and vintage diamond rings too 😉 xoxoxo

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