Chaumet Blue or Royal Blue?

Good Morning Jewelristas from sunny but cold Melbourne!
Today I am going to talk about history! 
welcome to France back in 1780 when Napoleon was the Emperor and our 
sweet Josefine was love of his life and Empress! Before Napoleon take over 
the power, Queen Marie Antoinette  was reflection of beauty & style. 
Marie-Etiene Ninot was working with one of Marie Antoinette jewellers and 
that way he quickly built up an aristocrat clientèle and managed to open his 
own shop. After the French revolution, he became Napoleon personal jeweller.
 He designed the consular sword set with famous Regent diamond which weighs 140 
carats as well the Crown  jewels for the coronation.Ninot and son were succeeded by 
talented workshop formen: Fossin, Morel & Chaumet!
Though Fossin (Artist Jeweller) & Morel (Ambassador of Style) had some significant 
effect of jewellery design but Joseph Chaumet was the Master of Tiara!
Chaumet Tiaras soon became favourite of Royal & aristocrat clientèle and he opened his 
boutique at 12 Place Vendome in 1907. He succeeded with his son Marcel and after that 
by Jaque & Pierre Chaumet.
Now do your remember Blues???
Blue is the color for royal family and now I am sharing Chaumet master blues with you.
Chaumet Bee My LOve Tiara in 18-carat White Gold,
Diamonds, Blue Sapphires

Chaumet Solitaire with Diamonds & Sapphire
Chaumet Bee My Love Ring in Diamonds, Sapphires, Center Purple Sapphire
Chaumet Bee My Love Ring in Diamonds & Sapphires
Chaumet Bee My Love Ring in Diamonds & Sapphires
Chaumet Cage Ring in Diamonds and Cabochon Cut Star Sapphire
Chaumet Gouttelette Solitaire ring paved with Brillaint Diamonds and Cushion cut Sapphire
Chaumet Le Grand Frisson Ring in rhodium plated 18K White Gold, Diamonds, Pink Sapphires, Tourmalines, center Pink Spinel & Blue Tourmaline

Chaumet Le Grand Frisson Ring in rhodium plated 18K White Gold, Black Gold, Diamonds, Sapphires & Australian Green Opal
Chaumet Bee My Love Earrings in Diamond & Sapphires
Chaumet Frisse Earrings in Brilliant and Baguette cut Diamonds Pear shaped Sapphires
Chaumet Earrings in Diamonds & Sapphires
Chaumet Class One Croisiere pendant in 18-carat White Gold set with Brilliant cut Diamonds & Cabochon cut Blue Topaz on a Diamond-cut forcat chain
Chaumet Necklace in Diamonds and Sapphires

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