Fancy a Yellow?

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Hey Everyone
I am back and not going to talk about how much I missed writing here but 
I couldn’t as I was spending splendid time with my family who were visiting me and not 
going to mention that I have lots of gorgeous jewelry that can’t wait to share them with you!
As the very first step, lets go back to the one of the last posts I did on my favourite 
I have recently encountered with an astonishing jeweler who have a taste of Old style/Vintage
 for their designs and that just make me crazy for the styles I am going to share!
Louis Newman & Co is established in 1984 in New York and since then became one of the most
 renowned NY jewellers due to the unique designs and GIA certified stones that they used.

For those of you who are fan of my Facebook page, you most probably saw the “SUN” that 
I shared, if not check it here!

Now check some of their fascinating designs which can simply blew 
your mind away in a Yellow way….
I might receive more pictures which I will share ASAP
Louis Newman & Co Fancy Yellow Cushion Necklace:
Featuring 70 fancy yellow diamonds weighing 107.06 Carat,
Price $ 360,000

Louis Newman & Co Cushion Fancy Yellow:
Featuring a 25.05 carat fancy Yellow GIA certified diamond,
Price $621,000

Louis Newman & Co Cluster Earrings:
Featuring 10 Fancy white
diamonds weighing 8.93 carat and
2 Fancy Yellow pear shape diamonds weighing 6.83 carat.
Price $80,000

Louis Newman & Co Flower Ring:
featuring a 2.51 carat Cushion Fancy Yellow GIA certified diamond, surrounded by 1.24 carat oval diamonds
 Price: $22,425

Bebe Bakhshi

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    Bebe Bakhshi

    yes they are 🙂 thanks for visiting

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    LOVE the ring and the necklace! SO AMAZING! Im in love with it


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    Bebe Bakhshi


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    You can always tell an expert! Thanks for coritibuntng.

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