The Golden Empress by Graff Diamonds

Graff Diamonds always stand one step ahead of all the high end jewellery brands! The reason is simply the vision that Lawrence Graff carries through the brand. During July 2015, Graff Diamond unveiled a rare and astonishing 132.55ct Fancy Intense Yellow Cushion cut Diamond. This magnificent stone was cut from a 299ct rough diamond which was unearthed from Letšeng mine in South Africa. The Golden Empress is currently set in a necklace adorned by 30 other yellow diamonds to create a masterpiece. Graff Diamonds studied the rough throughly to determine what is the best way to cut it. The result was 6 Pear shaped yellow diamonds with the largest of 21.34ct and 2 Round Brilliant cut diamonds along with The Golden Empress.

Here are some magical photos!

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The Golden Empress, a rare 132.55ct Fancy Intense Yellow Cushion cut Diamond

The Golden Empress along with six other Pear shaped and two Rounf brilliant cut diamods all cut from the magnificent 299ct rough diamond


The Golden Empress set in a necklace adorned with 30 other yellow diamonds




Bebe Bakhshi

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    Lovely designs!

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    Lovely yellow necklace!

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