Every rough diamond undergoes different manufacturing steps, frequently performed by skilled craftsmen to turn a rough diamond into a polished finished goods. Diamond manufacturing is mainly concentrated in Antwerp, Tel Aviv, New York, Surat, Schenzen & Dubai.

Here we are briefly explaining each step in manufacturing a diamond from rough to polished diamond:

  • Planning or mapping refers to of the initial idea of cutting a rough diamond for maximum yield. As technology advanced in past few decades, the current mapping software can analyze the rough diamond to the heart of the stone and design a sawing and polishing plan to maximize yield and profit.
  • Sawing or cleaving refers to separating a piece from rough diamond to be polished as a separate finished diamond. Sawing is now done by high technology laser machines.
  • Bruting varies depending on the final shape of the polished diamond. For example for round brilliant diamonds bruting involves two diamonds spinning at high speed in different directions. While applying against each other with moderate pressure then they shape each other into the preliminary round shape.
  • Polishing is the final stage of diamond manufacturing and consists of blocking and brillianteering.
  • Blocking is referring to polishing main facets of a diamond. Blocking includes polishing main table, culet, eight upper crown and eight lower pavilion facets of a 58facet brilliant cut diamonds. This step in diamond manufacturing provides much of a finished shape and facets are monitored closely to make sure that proper proportions are maintained.
  • Brillianteering is the final step to add the star facets on both crown and pavilion of the diamond hence the reason for brilliance and fire of diamonds. Low quality brillianteering can result in visible polishing lines that do not match or line up with each other.

Bebe Bakhshi

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