Let’s dive into the world of bridal jewelry, focusing on the most important piece which is engagement ring, the beginning of everything!

In my opinion couples need to be involved in designing the ring, after all it is celebrating their love and has a very sentimental value in cherishing their relationship. Therefore my first recommendation is to propose with a loose stone in a beautiful box which will definitely sweep her off her feet and then create the perfect ring together. Unless you know exactly what she is looking for based on her pinterest or posts she likes on social media and finally if her best friend knows!

Different diamond shapes Photo credit: Champagne Gem

Here you will find a brief explanation on different shapes with sample designs to show how each one will look when set, but remember there are endless design possibilities, I tried to limit this post to classics and all time favorite settings in the past decade:


  • ROUND: is the most sought after shape in diamonds because of its incomparable brilliance thanks to 57 facets that reflect the light and create sparkle and fire. (Not recommended for gemstones unless from a very high caliber)

Round Brilliant diamond engagement ring in Tiffany anniversary setting Photo credit: Tiffany & Co


  • OVAL: is one of the most popular shapes from diamonds to gemstones, make sure in diamonds there is no bow tie present, if so you will see two black triangles in the middle of the stone. because of its elongated shape we have seen it grow more and more on brides.

Oval shape diamond ring Photo credit: Norman Silverman

  • PEAR: Usually looks larger than its stated carat weight because of its wider spread and given that more of the stone is shown from top view.

    Pear shaped diamond ring Photo credit: Harry Kotlar

  • MARQUISE: like oval and pear is perfect to make fingers look slender and long, their elongated shape is helping with this.

Marquise shape diamond ring Photo credit: Martin Katz

  • HEART: well its the symbol of love, do I need to say more? From diamonds to gemstones it looks gorgeous, one thing to be mindful is the proportions. Make sure it is not too slim or chubby, it has to be the perfect heart.

    Heart shaped diamond ring Photo credit: Graff


  • CUSHION: is a square or square rectangle (elongated) shape stone with rounded corners, pillow shape hence the name and very romantic! If cut perfectly can shine as brilliant as a round. Usually has 58 facets.

    Cushion shape diamond ring Photo credit: Tiffany & Co

  • PRINCESS: this shape carries 57 or 76 facets and because of its pyramidal shape that has four bevelled sides, it creates more light dispersion than any other square shaped diamond. In recent years demand for princess cut has decreased which I think is solely because of its sharp corners and it only makes an statement when is in larger carat weights. It is getting harder and harder to find the perfect princess cut.

    Princess shape diamond ring Photo credit: Jean Dousset

  • RADIANT: is gaining more and more popularity both in diamonds and gemstones because of its scattered 70 facets that create a shattered glassy look in diamonds and bring out the best colors in gemstones and fancy color diamonds. If you like square or rectangular squere shape, this is the best alternative to cushion and princess.

    Radiant cut diamond ring Photo credit: Norman Silverman


  • EMERALD: the most favorite in step cuts, both gemstones and diamonds although it has less sparkle because of geometric steps, but due to high clarity it is more transparent, sleek and elegant.

    Emerald cut diamond ring Photo credit: Norman Silverman

  • ASSCHER/SQUARE EMERALD: perfectly square shaped stone, actually an octagonal rather than emerald cut that is rectangular. Same characteristics in terms of sparkle and clarity.

    Asscher cut diamond ring Photo credit: Martin Katz

  • CARRE: comes in both square and rectangular, the main point of difference is its straight facets similar to steps and usually has sharp corners, this is my favorite shape in comparison to princess. It is making a come back slowly and because of its unusual facets it is gaining more attraction, absolutely will make a statement.

    Carre cut diamond ring Photo credit: Martin Katz

This is just an introductory post to engagement rings, if you need more information on diamonds, grading and color diamonds on following links:



Please note all views expressed on this post are my own and do not represent opinions of any of the jewellers mentioned in this post.

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