10 Year Anniversary of Champagne Gem

10 years since realization of an idea that shaped on a beach, and it’s been quite a journey. I want to take this time to look back and share the story of how, when and why with you. Before walking down memory lane, I would like to thank three key people in my life besides my parents, who have supported every decision of mine (right or wrong) with unconditional love. First, my husband, Hamed, for his incredible idea and being my rock through thick and thin way before Champagne Gem and more than ever during the past 10 years. Second, my sister Bita, that opened my Instagram account and pushed me to use it. Last not least, my partner in crime and bling, Tracey, who is now more than a business partner, we are practically sisters and best friends. Without her support, none of these experiences would’ve been the same or possible.

It all started in 2009 by deciding to educate myself about diamonds and gemstones, simply out of curiosity and passion I always had in my heart. I joined and completed the GIA AJP program and enjoyed every second. In April 2011, my husband and I were on my birthday weekend getaway in Gold Coast, Queensland. While we were lounging on the beach, I was talking nonstop about diamonds and jewellery. At some point, just to stop me from talking about something he had no interest in, (now he knows a lot and is interested), he suggested why don’t you write about this and share it with like-minded individuals? It was the very beginning of the blogging era, and his idea sparked a force to push me to blog about my passion for diamonds and jewellery.

2 days later and after lots of brainstorming with Hamed, we came up with the name Champagne Gem. The reason behind the name was that I loved champagne, and it was one of the most attractive colours in diamonds that were mined in the Argyle mine in Western Australia. I had the domain registered and created a very amateur blog on Blogger up and running. Then as you know life always has other plans for you so my blogging was on and off, but the passion never went away. Until there was word circulating about this new app; Instagram that allows you to share your photos.

I was a Blackberry person and whoever owned a Blackberry ever knows that we were looking down at iPhone! Since Blackberry didn’t have any app compatibility, my sister Bita (an iPhone person) opened the Instagram account for Champagne Gem in 2013. She started posting pictures from my blog but after months of convincing, I finally caved, gave up my Blackberry and switched to iPhone.

It was fascinating to see the growth of followers and posting on Instagram became more than a hobby; I felt I have a responsibility to continue as there is such an interest in the niche of diamonds and gemstones. Eventually, I met my partner in crime, Tracey on Instagram. We clicked instantly and after months of texts and video calls we established a partnership to do what we love together. A year later we met in person for the first time during Hong Kong March Show and never looked back.

We travelled the world a few times now together and were/are inseparable. We would’ve seen each other almost every 2 weeks in a different city around the world, and these past 14 months have been the hardest. If COVID-19 hadn’t happened, we would most likely be in Switzerland this time of the year, only if…
The past 6-7 years are just a whirlwind of travels, jet lags, airport life and lots and lots of stones and jewels. Looking back, I was so lucky to be on such a wonderful journey, meeting thousands and thousands of jewellers, fans and followers on a global scale. To top it, experiencing firsthand the magic of diamonds, the charm of gemstones and the elegance of jewellery. I’d never change a single thing and would do it all over again in a heartbeat. I truly hope to get back into it and continue where we left off suddenly 14 months ago as soon as COVID-19 is over for good.

Here is a glimpse into the wonderful world of gems & jewels, sharing some of the most unforgettable and remarkable moments of my journey. Just remember this is only the tip of the iceberg and there are a lot more moments to cherish, to see more and for additional details check Champagne Gem instagram page or contact me.

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Bebe Bakhshi

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