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Hey everyone…hope you all are having a great time as I do and 
count down has started for weekend;)
I am obsessed with tennis bracelets and necklaces, if you ask me
 I would say they are pure luxury and simplicity at the same time.
you should look at them precisely, the way they make fire and 
scintillation could make your heart stop….they are just gorgeous,
playful and can add a never ending shine to your wrist and neck.
In next few posts I am going to show you the most beautiful tennis 
bracelets and necklaces you have ever seen.
First of all I am going with the Harry Winston 
(am I obsessed with HW too? you can answer this question 
after looking at the masterpieces I just shared)
Just a quick definition tip:
Tennis Bracelet is the in-line thin diamond bracelet that features a 
symmetrical pattern of diamonds.
You can figure out the definition for tennis necklace, right?

63 round brilliant and baguette diamonds, 40.60 total carats; platinum setting.
Harry Winston – Round & Baguette bracelet 63 round brilliant
and baguette diamonds, 40.60 total carats
50 round brilliant diamonds, approximately 4.90 total carats; platinum setting. Length 7 inches and width 3.07mm
Harry Winston – Tennis Bracelet 50 round brilliant diamonds,
apprx 4.90 total carats
150 round brilliant diamonds, 31.30 total carats; platinum setting.
Harry Winston – Lariat Necklace 150 round brilliant diamonds, 31.30 total carats
(You know you can be creative and wrap this gorgeous necklace around your wrist…wow)
142 round diamonds, 19.92 carats; 4 pear-shaped diamonds, 4.62 carats; platinum setting.
Harry Winston – Necklace with 2 pear-shaped drops
142 round diamonds, 19.92 carats
4 pear-shaped diamonds, 4.62 carats
(even being creative with this one, imagine wrapping it around your wrist
and the 2 drops are also dropping from your wrist…daydreaming)

Bebe Bakhshi

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