Something Blue?

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Today I am going to talk about “Blue”. 
Blue is a royal color and is one of the most admired colors in jewelry 
market due to the high demand.
Even thought to have a blue jewelry piece as your “Something Blue” for 
your wedding? you can think about it as one hell of an option 😉
Here are the prcious stones that are also available in Blue color and if you 
have limited budget you can chose any of these and satisfy your “Blue” 
craving instead of buying a very expensive “Sapphire” piece, of course we all 
know that sapphire is something ELSE! but dont get me wrong, any of the listed 
blue colored stones has a very unique and special story in human’s history that 
you can be proud of owning at least one of them in your collection.
Be aware of imitations and look for them in renowned jewelry stores.
Blue Agate (Iris)

Lapis Lazuli
Blue Opal
Blue Sapphire
Blue Spinel
Blue Star Sapphire
Blue Topaz
Paraiba Tourmaline 
Blue Zircon
Now that you have a general idea on precious Blue Stones, here are some masterpieces
 in Blue from my favorite jewellers.
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Caresse d’Orchidees par Cartier – Necklace in Sapphires, Amethysts & Diamonds ($20,300)
Cartier Ring in Diamonds & Sapphires ($6,700)
Caresse d’Orchidees par Cartier – Earrings in Sapphires, Amethysts & Diamonds ($6,300)
Caresse d’Orchidees par Cartier – Ring in Sapphires, Amethysts & Diamonds
Chopard – Saphhire & Diamond Ring
Chopard – Aquamarine & Diamonds Bangle
Chopard – Sapphire & Diamonds Earrings
Chopard – Sapphire & Diamond Necklace
Harry Winston – The One, Sapphire Micropave Ring
Harry Winston – Aquamarine and Diamond Drop Necklace
(3 pear-shaped aquamarine stones, 61.15 total carats; 143 round brilliant and pear-shaped diamonds, 21.57 total carats
Harry Winston – Magnificent Color Change Sapphire and Diamond Drop Necklace
(Oval color change sapphire, 47.41 carats; 116 marquise and pear-shaped diamonds, 45.38 total carats
Harry Winston – Marquesa Aquamarine Ring with diamonds
(Emerald-cut Aquamarine, 5.34 carats; 8 marquise and pear-shaped diamonds, 1.19 total carats)
Harry Winston – Marquesa Sapphire Ring
 (Emerald-cut sapphire, 4.99 carats; 8 marquise and pear-shaped diamonds, 1.10 total carats)
Harry Winston – Paraiba Tourmaline and Diamond Ring
(7 round Paraiba Tourmalines, 7.84 total carats; 72 round brilliant diamonds, 6.11 total carats)
Harry Winston – River Sapphire & Diamond Ring
 (13 round sapphires, 1.68 total carats; 26 baguette diamonds, 1.70 total carats)
Harry Winston – Sunset Sapphire & Diamond Ring
(Cushion-cut sapphire, 18.51 carats; 6 baguette diamonds, 1.25 total carats)

De Grisogono – Earrings with 2 Cabochon beads Aquamarine of 20 carats,
310 white diamonds (4.15 carats) & 198 black diamonds (3.10 carats)

De Grisogono – Earrings with 460 Emeralds (4.80 carats) & 2 turquoise of 85 carats

De Grisogono – Earrings with 782 blue sapphire (41.50 carats) and 24 white diamonds (1.20 carat)

De Grisogono – Ring with 45 white “Icy Diamonds” (2.35 carats) & 7 blue sapphires (9.30 carat)

De Grisogono – Earrings with 330 blue sapphires (26.25 carats) & 84 white diamonds(5.90 carats)
Van Cleef & Arpels – Hawaii Ring in Diamonds & Aquamarines
Van Cleef & Arpels – Folie des Pres Ring in Diamonds & Blue Sapphires
Cellini Workshop – Lapis Lazuli masterpiece necklace AU$ 2,390.00
Eva Mendes in Turquoise Necklace Golden Globe 2009
Ippolita – Wonderful Turquoise Jewelry

Bebe Bakhshi

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    le sorelle

    blue stones are some of my favorites! unfortunately all that's in the budget for me now is turquoise, but thankfully it's still in style!

    sorelle in style

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    Bebe B

    turquoise is always in style…no doubt…you can still try opal, aquamarine and blue topaz

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    Amaziiiiiiiiiiing ,hust love that

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