Top Ten Biggest Diamonds!

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Yes, finally I am back after 78 weeks of absence and I am going to write again on my blog and what better way to start rather than with the top ten biggest diamonds in the world!
Most of the diamonds that are found are rather small and not of gem-quality. Big diamonds are very rare, especially those of the big diamonds that are of gem-quality.
Here are the top ten biggest diamonds ever found, courtesy of*. Diamonds so big that they are several hundred times bigger than almost all the other diamonds that are found in the ground.
Just think about it, a 1 or 2 carat diamond in a ring is relatively big – and here we have diamonds that are several hundred of carats! 

All of these diamonds have been found in Africa and most of them in South Africa. The diamonds that are found elsewhere in the world aren’t as big as those in Africa, so this is where you should go if you want to try your luck finding a really big diamond 🙂

Well now that you have seen the info-graph, here are the images of these stunning diamonds:
De Beers Millennium Star Diamond a D colour, Internally & Externally Flawless Pear Shaped Diamond , cut to perfect proportions and weighing 203.04cts.
The Red Cross Diamond a Canary Yellow Cushion Shaped Diamond weighing 205.07cts and the cutting style is known as Stellar Brilliant due to the eight needle-like facets on the pavilion of the stone, pointing outwards from its culet facet.
The De Beers Diamond is a 234.65ct Light Yellow Octahedral Shaped Diamond which was found in 1888 in Kimberley, South Africa and in 1928 was set by Cartier in the Patiala Necklace once owned by Maharaja Patiala.
The Jubilee Diamond was found in 1895 in South Africa and is a glorious Cushion Shaped Diamond, E Colour and VVS2 Clarity, weighing 245.35cts.
The Centenary Diamond was found in 1986 in Premier Mine, South Africa. De Beers unveiled this beauty in 1988 as a D colour, Flawless and weighing 273.85cts. It is the second largest modern cut diamond in the world and carries 164 facets on the stone and 83 facets on the girdle.
The Spirit of de Grisogono is a 312.24cts the largest Black Diamond in the world which was mined in West Central Africa before imported to Switzerland and being cut by Fawaz Gruosi the founder of de Grisogono using the traditional Mogul cutting technique.
The Cullinan II is a D colour, Flawless 317.40ct Cushion cut diamond also known as the Lesser Star of Africa and is in the center-front of the Imperial State Crown of Great Britain.
The Incomparable is a Triollette or Shield Shape Step Cut Fancy Brownish Yellow, Flawless Diamond weighing 407.48ct and was found in 1984 in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Luxury Jeweler Mouawad has given this stunning diamond the majestic setting it deserves and has set it in to the most expensive necklace worth $55million and named L’Incomparable.
The Cullinan I or The Star of Africa is a 530.20ct D Colour and Flawless Pear Shaped Diamond that is set in the Royal sceptre which is kept with other crown jewels in the Tower of London.
The Golden Jubilee Diamond is a 545.67cts a Fiery Rose Cushion Cut Diamond (as described by Gabriel Tolkowski the master cutter and designer of the diamond) and is graded as Fancy Yellow Brown and is the largest faceted diamond in the world. It was purchased by a syndicate of Thai businessmen from De Beers and presented to the King Of Thailand in 1997 for his Golden Jubilee, the 50th anniversary of his coronation.
  From Right: The Cullinan I (the Star of Africa) & The Cullinan II
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*This information is courtesy of my beautiful friend Mads Phikamphon from which is blog about jewelry as well as a database of jewelry and jewelry prices from 37 stores in Denmark to make the jewelry shopping experience much easier for people

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    Hola! I’ve been following your weblog for some time now
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    Spencer Wong

    Hi thanks so much for sharing! Have you noticed that most of the biggest diamonds in the world are pear-shaped cuts – Cullinan, which has been cut into 9 large diamonds, and three of them were cut into pear-shape – Cullinan No. 1, No. 3 and No. 9. Also De Beers. This shape can not only keep the fire as round- cut diamonds, but also can make your finger looks longer. You can read here to learn more about pear-shaped diamonds .

    Thanks again.

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