Jean Dousset is a modern jewelry house with strong roots in classic fine jewelry, located in trendy Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles. Every single piece of jewelry is created with utmost attention to detail, placing the diamond at the center with exquisite signature details around it. The idea behind “The Collectable” is that every diamond is as unique and special as the woman wearing it, and therefore an item worthy of collecting.

Recently Jean was approached to commission a one of a kind ring, carrying a one of a kind diamond. All diamonds are unique but some display characteristics that set them apart from the rest. For this special piece, Jean had a clear vision of what he wanted to create, therefore he knew what type of diamond would be required to capture the essence of his vision.

The perfect diamond was discovered in the Karowe mine, located in Orapa region of Botswana which in recent years has unearthed several historical rough diamonds. The rough was a single stone weighting over 192ct and was unearthed through a kimberlite deposit.

192ct Rough Diamond

After examining the stone and planning for a month, the stone was put into manufacturing by Antwerp-based diamond manufacturer. It took the cutter 76 hours to execute the planning, and to turn this rare gift of nature into seven polished diamonds.

Examining The 192ct Rough Diamond

The diamond selected for The Margaret (Named After Her) is a spectacular 5.03ct Oval Shaped D Flawless, Type IIA diamond.

Working closely with their gouache artist in Paris, the idea of Margaret came to life; the ring was envisioned as a two-tone metal (a signature Jean Dousset design), 18k rose gold for the eternity diamond set band, and platinum for the stems and delicate gallery set with diamonds. Margaret is personalized with a hidden Signature Stone®, a Jean Dousset feature involving a precious gemstone or diamond inside the band. As is befitting of the oval center stone, the Signature Stone® too is unique – an oval shaped natural Fancy Intense Pink Argyle® diamond.

Margaret by Jean Dousset – Gouache With Precise Dimensions Of The Diamond And Her Finger Size
Margaret by Jean Dousset – Steps Into Creation
Margaret by Jean Dousset – Steps Into Creation
Margaret by Jean Dousset – Steps Into Creation
Margaret by Jean Dousset
Margaret by Jean Dousset
Margaret by Jean Dousset

You can learn more about Jean Dousset and his vision in creating one of a kind diamond jewelry by visiting:

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