Last week I was invited to attend grand opening of Tiffany & Co Sydney flagship boutique which was celebrating the Australian debut of The Tiffany Diamond; 128.54 carat fancy yellow diamond along with first time viewing of jewels from Tiffany & Co Blue Book 2018 in Australia.

The Tiffany Diamond, considered among the most important gemstone discoveries of the 19th century, was unearthed in 1877 in the Kimberley Mines of South Africa. Founder Charles Lewis Tiffany purchased the rough diamond weighed 287.42 for $18,000. Later the rough was brought to Paris where i was cut to its current shape; 128.54ct Facy Yellow diamond with over 82 radiant facets. In 1961 Jean Shlumberger showcased the proceless Tiffany Diamond in Ribbon Rosette necklacem, worn by Audrey Hepburn for the Breakfast at Tiffany’s publicity photo shoot. In 1995 in honor of Jean Schlumberger, the 128.54ct stone was mounted on his iconic Bird on a Rock setting. and finally in 2012 to celebrate Tiffany & Co 175th anniversary, with over a year in the making, the exquisite necklace of white diamonds with over 100cts of round and cushion cut diamonds, given shape to the icon we recognize today. The Tiffany Diamond in its current setting worn by Lady Gaga during 91st Academy Awards®.

For the 2018 Blue Book, Tiffany & Co opted mother nature as inspiration and pieces were categorized based on seasons, hence the name: The Four Seasons of Tiffany & Co.

Colors, motifs, and exquisite craftsmanship were highlight of the collection. From rare gemstones to unique diamonds, each piece was designed and created meticulously. In some words this high jewelry collection is a celebration of 180 years of artistry, innovation and unparalleled virtuosity.

During the grand opening party with over 400 guests and flowing of champagne, Kendall Jenner made an appearance as guest of honor and as always was radiating beauty and glamour while wearing Tiffany & Co The Blue Book necklace featuring morganite, a pink tourmaline, pink sapphires and diamonds.

Kendall Jenner in Tiffany & Co necklace featuring morganite, pink tourmaline, pink sapphires and diamonds from The 2018 Tiffany Blue Book Collection 

Spring is ombre of colors, flowers, blooms and a graphic contrast between geometry and nature’s beauty.

Summer is all about butterflies, fluttering above angular links with abstract wing patterns, more emphasis on modern sense of movement.

Autumn is a sensual combination of round brilliant and emerald-cut diamonds with an organic and free flowing vines woven over and under one another.

Winter inspired by American Art Deco, displays linear fragments mirroring the graphic patterns of water as it freezes. Diamonds are cut in very unique shapes, the perfect iceberg landscape on a sea of platinum.

Bracelet in platinum with pink sapphires and diamonds, part of the 2018 Tiffany Blue Book Collection


Pendant in platinum with round and oval Tourmaline, baguette and custom cut diamonds, part of The 2018 Tiffany Blue Book Collection



Ring in 18k yellow gold and platinum with rare Fancy Pink and white diamonds, part of the 2018 Tiffany Blue Book Collection.


20.27ct D VS1 oval-cut diamond in a platinum setting part of the 2018 Tiffany Blue Book Collection


Over 91cts of uniquely cut diamonds from The 2018 Tiffany Blue Book Collection

Bebe Bakhshi

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    Diamond Jewellery look pretty and gorgeous. All the jewellery looks beautiful. Your collection is very nice.

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